Hugely popular Browsermark is a universal benchmark that tests any modern browser on any device, including PC, smartphone, tablet, notebook, netbook, and smart TV.

Do you know how to choose the best browser for your PC or smartphone? Do you know the fastest PC browser is not necessarily the best option for your mobile? Do you have a favorite browser and ever wonder how it compares to other browsers? Do you want to get a better user experience when using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, online shops, banks or gaming?

Browsermark is designed to answer those questions. It is easy to compare scores by running Browsermark again using a different browser.

First Release on November 4, 2012. Current version is 2.1.


Browsermark Free version

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Browsermark Tests

Browsermark measures a browser’s performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering. HTML5 and WebGL are becoming ever more imporant in smartphones and tablet environments. Web-based gaming and browsing require efficient browsers, which can support latest standards and features, in order to provide solid user experience. Browsermark uses real use case scenarios to evaluate the real-life browsing performance of your device.

Measure Real-Life Browsing Performance

Group Tests Measured Performance Single Test
CSS Browser capability of rendering object in 2D and 3D andcrunching multiple CSS operations at • CSS 2D Transform
• CSS 3D Transform
• CSS Crunch
• CSS Resize
DOM (Document Object Model) How well your browser traverses in Document Object Model Treeorhow fast your browser can create dynamic content • DOM Advanced Search
• DOM Create Source
• DOM Dynamic Create
• DOM Search
Graphics GPU performance • HTML5 Canvas
Javascript General browser functionality and speed • Javascript Array Weighted
• Javascript String Chat
• Javascript String Filter
Scalable solutions Performance of other popular Javascript frameworks • AngularJs
• Backbone
• Ember
• Knockout
Conformance How well browser supports CSS3 – HTML5 – Flash and Silverlight • Conformity CSS3
• Conformity Flash
• Conformity HTML5
• Conformity Network
• Conformity Silverlight
• Responsiveness
• Page Load



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*Professional version does not save the result when ran in autorun mode


Minimum Requirements

  • Devices: Android 4.0, iOS 5, Windows Phone 8
  • Browsers: All browsers are supported with the exception of Opera Mini and IE 8.x and older

Cross Platform Comparison

Open a browser on your device and run Browsermark via . It is easy to compare scores by running Browsermark again using a different browser.

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