Basemark X

Basemark X is the world’s most popular benchmarking tool for evaluation and cross-platform comparison of gaming and graphics performance between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphone and tablets.

Basemark X is the only vendor-independent benchmark that utilizes the real-world game engine Unity which is very popular among game developers. This means that it scores correlate exceptionally well with real-life gaming performance.

First release on April 9, 2013. Current version is 1.1.


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Graphics Features

Basemark X includes two game-like graphics tests: Dunes and Hangar. Both tests contain heavy graphics content rendered with detail and complexity, thus pushing the measured device to the limit. The polygon counts in test sequences are up to 911,000. Below is a list of graphics features utilized by Basemark X.


High Quality Rendering Lighting Post Processing
  • Dynamic shadows with shadow mapping
  • Dynamic reflections using cube maps
  • 3D-models loaded from files
  • Forward rendering pipeline
  • Sky box / sphere
  • Particle effects
  • Pre-rendered Light Probes
  • Cube map reflections
  • Per Pixel lighting
  • Rim-lit objects
  • Normal maps
  • Light maps
  • Screen Space ambient occlusion
  • Directional light cookie
  • Screen overlay textures
  • Depth of Field
  • Fog and Bloom
  • Lens flares



Medium Quality (Default) High Quality
Image Effects Lighter image effects Heavier image effects
Dynamics shadows No Yes
Resolution textures 512 x 512 2048×2048

Minimum Requirements

Android devices iOS devices WP8 devices
OS Android 4.0 iOS 6 WP8
System Memory 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Storage (Free Space) 130 MB 200 MB 260MB
Free version Full version
Business Usage allowed
Graphics quality setting
Antialiasing setting
Resolution setting
Run mode setting
Test automation
Project source files
Frame Per Second Data

Cross Platform Comparison

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Basemark X