Basemark OS II

Basemark OS II is a system-level All-In-One benchmarking tool designed for measuring overall performance of smartphones and tablets from all platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows phone 8.

The benchmark features a comprehensive suite of tests including system, internal and external memory, graphics, web browsing, camera, battery and CPU consumption.

First release on January 20, 2014. Current Version is 2.0.


Free version download available on


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For Pro version licencing please contact us.

Basemark OS II Tests

Basemark OS II tests different aspects of the device and produces an objective overall score for easy cross-platform comparison. A free version is available for consumers to test their devices and compare with other devices. For commercial use, please contact us to license the Pro version, which provides all the detailed score breakdown for further analysis and product development.

Group Tests Measured Performance Single Test Breakdown **
System CPU capability
  • Math test
  • XML parsing performance
  • CPU single core speed
  • CPU multi core speed
Memory Internal storage
  • Reading/writing of files of fixed sizes
  • Reading/writing of files of growing sizes
  • Fragmentation test
Graphics GPU capability
Web Webview Kit general functionalities
  • CSS 3D transform test
  • HTML5 Canvas test
  • CSS resize test
Battery * Battery consumption and CPU usage
External Storage SD card capability

** Only available in pro version for product development purpose

Cross Platform Comparison

Submit your result after running Basemark OS II, and check your phone ranking among other 1500 devices on Power Board.

Power Board is an objective phone/tablet ranking site with easy-to-search and -compare function. The rankings are based on the benchmark scores collected from hundreds of thousands of users worldwide who have downloaded and used Basemarks.

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Basemark OS II