About Us

Our Passion

Rightware® is the market leader in enabling creativity of user experiences in mobile, automotive and other embedded industries with its Kanzi® UI Solution for rapid user interface design and deployment. Rightware also develops industry leading system performance analysis tools and its renowned product portfolio includes the Basemark® product family for various benchmarking purposes, including industry standard benchmarks for OpenGL ES, OpenCL, OpenVG, Android, Linux, and Windows Mobile performance measurement. Rightware is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and has offices in Shanghai, München and Palo Alto. 

Our passion is to enable creativity of fantastic user experiences. By enabling creativity of fantastic user experiences with help of our Kanzi® UI Solution and Basemark® performance analysis products, our customers drive innovation and create industry’s most notable user experiences in mobile, automotive and other embedded industries. We work very closely with the world’s leading companies to conceive, design, test, implementation and deploy products and services that offer significant value to our customers and help the whole embedded ecosystem to build better, smarter and robust products.